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Great tools at great prices, they always do a good job.

Posted by Derek Dents Schimanke on Saturday, May 26, 2018

Great tool Selection . Quality Tools at reasonable prices . I just bought the 3 rod set double bend changeable tip set...

Posted by Robert Biddle Dent Quest on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

When it comes to quality, these tools are second to none. The service you recieve is just as classy!

Posted by Joe D Fullington on Friday, May 4, 2018

Dentmagic tools are great Ive been using them for yrs. keep up the good work.

Posted by Steve Glenn on Monday, April 23, 2018

The People we Train Say it Best...

During my research, I found a lot of hype. Almost a scam mentality. Your approach seemed honest and I believe it was. What I liked best was Fred's no bull - manner of teaching. I liked the seasoned feel of his teaching. It was obvious that he is a pro. I think the tools worked well. I can already see that I'm going to need more in the future.

I chose Dent Magic because of the price and limited number of students in the class. Everyone at Dent Magic made me feel at home and were very helpful with the questions I had. I really enjoyed Fred as an instructor. He was very friendly and knowledgeable about his trade as a PDR tech and instructor.

The price seemed fair, and I liked the fact that you will let me come back for further training. One other point was that your website mentioned coming to the Ozarks for training that appealed to me as well. I think everything went well and that you lived up to the promises. The level of expertise of our trainer seemed very high, he always had an answer to every question. I think I need a lot more practice, but I now have a good foundation to go on. I felt Fred was very professional and knowledgeable. He was also very easy to get along with.

Fred knew what he was doing, and explained it well. He came across well and showed in detail how to do work the right way.

I responded to many training ads on the Internet. As a trainer myself there were certain criteria I required to be met. I needed to be sure that although many I talked to had a lot of experience at PDR, could they transfer these skills to meet my demands. Fred by far was able to convey his message to my satisfaction.

DAVID , Australia
Dear Fred,
Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks. I'm certain I chose the right guy to train me. Your training was spot on and I really appreciated your generosity with your time and tools. You are an honest and authentic person to deal with and I really enjoyed my time in Springfield. I found the weekends fairly lonely but really appreciated you and your family taking the time to show me the sights and spending the day in Branson with me. I am hoping I can return the favor if you ever get the chance to visit Australia. I was extremely nervous before going over, not knowing whether or not I was wasting my money on this venture. But since arriving home I am feeling confident that PDR will be my future career. I have already done a couple of jobs and found your tools to be excellent. If you ever need a reference I would be happy to give one as I found your manner and expertise above reproach. Many thanks again. You make a great team.

Always there to help. I was never left alone to wonder about anything. Carla was great always there to help with all needs & questions. Fred was great. Great patience and demands perfection in his work - which is now my goal - to do it to perfection - I have a long way to go!

After researching several schools, DentMagic seemed like best deal. Liked small class size. Talking to Fred clinched the deal. The professional attitude displayed by Fred and staff. The cleanliness and organization of the facilities. Fred's ability to explain, demonstrate and instill confidence is a testimony to the skills that he has acquired. He is a master at the trade. I especially appreciated his low-key yet uncompromising method of making sure I was able to remove a dent to the highest standards. For him to accomplish this in a week is amazing. Fred put a lot of thought in assembling the master set. His explanation of each tool's use was very helpful. Very happy and confident beyond my expectations!

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