Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Massive Market!

There are millions of cars on the road today. That number just keeps growing! Within their average lifetime most vehicles will get a door ding or a dent. Some of that damage will be major - requiring traditional bodyshop intervention. However, a majority of the damage will be minor car dents- caused by shopping carts, door dings and hail damage. Imagine offering this enormous market a revolutionary, money-saving, fast and efficient mobile service for repairing car dents. This is Paintless Dent Removal!


Low Overheads - High Profits

As a Paintless Dent Removal specialist the profit potential is massive. As a PDR technician you can operate as a mobile business from your vehicle with very few overheads. Repairs can be completed in hours rather than days at a fraction of the cost of conventional body shop repair. Most insurance companies are now estimating vehicles with minor dents and hail-damage for repair by paintless dent removal.


Repairing dents without painting a vehicle means...

- No expensive paints
- No spray booth
- No paint mismatches
- Increased productivity
- Original factory finish secures vehicle's value

Enhance your body shop

Increase the efficiency of your current body shop business with PDR. Because PDR will free up your spray booth, you'll be able to do more repairs and make more money while reducing labor and material costs.



Mobile business opportunity

You don't need a garage to start your own PDR business. All you need is a means of transportation. All your PDR tools and equipment will fit effortlessly into your vehicle. Your customers will love the convenience of personalized service!

per day
$35 a Dent
per week
$45 a Dent
per week
$55 a Dent
per week

Earnings Potential*

The earnings potential table has been provided to give you an at a glance summary of some of the potential earnings for providing a PDR service. Prices charged by PDR techs vary from location to location and also when charging retail or wholesale rates.

* (Some PDR technicians have earned this amount. There is no assurance you will do as well. If you rely upon our figures, you must accept the risk of not doing as well.)

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