Headlight Restoration Profit

Profit Worksheet for the Delta Kits System



Each ClearPro PLUS system has enough supplies for 30 vehicles

      $80   National average charge per restoration
$2,400   Gross Income
$2,400.00   Gross Income
- $459.75   Retail price of ClearPro PLUS Headlight Restoration System 

Gross Profit (before restocking)

$197.25   Retail price of Restock Kit (Part# 60205)
   ÷ 30   Number of restorations from resupply order (single vehicle, both headlights)
$6.58   Average cost per restoration
$80.00   National average revenue per restoration
 -     $6.58   Average supply cost per repair
     $73.42   Profit x 2 restorations per hour = $147 per hour


Restore the headlights on just one vehicle per day, five days per week to generate $20,800 in annual income.

Restore five vehicles per day to generate $104,000 in annual income! Restore ten vehicles per day to generate $208,000 in annual income!

Labor time is only about 20 to 40 minutes per vehicle so it is possible to service 16 vehicles or more, in one day! Practically anyone can achieve high quality headlight restorations. With only an hour or two of practice, using a Delta Kits Professional Headlight Restoration System can be simple, fun, and profitable. Can you afford not to own a Delta Kits Headlight Restoration System?

*Calculations do not include labor cost and are intended for illustration only. Results vary by user depending on sales and marketing efforts of each individual, as well as the level of skill developed.

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